About us

GR LONDON PARIS is a young London based Fashion House The collection is defined and designed by Gotal Ryam. Following a move from Paris to London, Gotal Ryam ended up in Soho where her interest in fashion was confirmed. Her desire to draw beautiful garments lead her to the prestigious Central Saint Martins where she studied fashion drawing.

Designer and artist, Gotal Ryam reinvents fashion by transcending its conventions, creating a new definition of her own vision of Fashion, the “Pret à Couture”. She follows no rules.

Simple and minimalist, the Gotal Ryam style gets straight to the heart of the matter with a timeless collection of elegant and modern lines.Its unique design aesthetic offers a modern interpretation of masculinity and femininity.

As a slow fashion company, we are aware of the ethical and environmental issues that fashion presents. And for these reasons our pieces are manufactured responsibly, locally and made in small quantities to avoid overproduction. But also, because they are real fashion items.



This new collection is entitled “Loneliness”. « In this new era where social medias are our besties. We are more than connected, we are over connected. But surrounded by hundreds of virtual friends, thousands of likes, millions of views, you still realize how lonely you are” 


'Uncertainty' is the name of this collection of three coats inspired by the actual climate of protests, moroseness. She quoted: "The  world is changing in a bad way. And it seems to be irreversible. The rise of populism, violence, racism, anger , fake news are now predominate in our society. How can we protect ourself from all these disasters. I felt useless !! I want to protect people but I do realize that the only thing I can do is to protect them from the cold ".


This collection is entitled "Joyful Transition". A very personal six-piece collection on the subject of death. What is our vision of death? Do we know what we are going to become, our role in this universe? Which clothes will accompany us on this journey? Designer Gotal Ryam believes this particular event should be full of joy. She said "I’ve envisioned myself on judgment day and of course, I will be wearing GR LONDON PARIS".


The "Jeanne’s wardrobe" collection has been inspired by the designer’s niece. This collection is different from the others because of it’s personal ode to a maternal love. It can be described as a projection of her hypothetical daughter. How she would like her to dress, what she would like and how she will continue her auntie’s fashion legacy. It reflects the turmoils of a woman with no children who has placed all her fashion hopes in her niece.


Immaculate white is the title of this collection– This collection is inspired by a vision of a futuristic heaven and a parallel to the Immaculate Conception. According to the teaching of the Catholic Church who was the conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. But here in this collection stands a blessed woman wearing GR LONDON PARIS.


The Geometric forms and Shapes through RBK collection has been inspired by Origami. However rather than focusing on the art of paper folding, the collection takes it’s inspiration from the use of cuts. The range is certainly a bit of a hybrid as it sits between art and fashion design. Creating a very individual profile, considered collectables that span the seasons. The collection offers a range of jumpsuits, suits and coats with elegant lines and bright, true colours.

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